i took a  two hour nap and sent a long shitty rambling email to my dad and brother and let’s hope maybe that does something

worse case i literally did make a sign that just says HE in big blue letters and i can move my CARS 2 poster down my door.

and then just ignore when they inevitably stop giving fucks and just resume calling me she and her for the rest of my fucking life

im gonna put up a giant fuckin sign on my bedroom door that just says HE 

oh yeah today my dad checked out his motorcycle again at the harley davidson store

and i thought assless chaps were just a gay porno thing

but no those are a thing bikers really wear it turns out


if i ever misgender you:

  1. it is not on purpose i promise
  2. im very sorry
  3. tell me your correct pronouns and ill use them
  4. spray me with cold water


don’t let tumblr make you believe that

- krusty krab is unfair

- mr krabs is in there

- standing at the concession

- plotting his oppression 


I watched Pacific Rim again and Hermann cracks me up cuz he acts like he’s the straight man to Newton’s stooge, but literally everyone knows it’s like comparing the maturity of a 6 year old to a 5 year old



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Request: Goofy Gives You a Hamburger


Would it be possible if you could read “I give you a hamburger” as Goofy?

Apparently this is some meme I don’t really understand?  (I got a similar request to read it in Layton’s voice)  It was weird reading this in Goofy’s voice (or any voice, really) cause it’s so nonsensical, but I gave it a shot.




todays adventures so far include:
the very American stamps lions letter was mailed w/, a scary bra??bikini top?? i saw, dishonored GOTY tarot cards, and my ugly face pre lunch

what a fucking amazing PC games section, online game cards.. and a door